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Our goal is simple - travel products for independent managed resorts that customers can’t say no to

30 years ago, Liberte broke new grounds in the timeshare industry. Selling to Vacatia means I can pass the torch to the next-generation of innovators. I’m excited to see what’s next for our combined company.

Dennis DiTinno
Liberte Management Group

Modern Approach For Today's Travelers

Unmatched Value, Ease of Use and Flexibility - with No Exchange Fees


Engage New Guests

For Resorts

  • Generate new revenue from HOA controlled inventory
  • Drive recurring relationship with new guests
  • Increase quiet season occupancy with member-only promotions
  • Flexible 1-10 year right to use memberships

For Guests

  • Modern membership for the modern traveler
  • Subscription-based model
  • Low cost products with flexible features
  • Guaranteed 20-50% savings

Re-engage Your Owners

For Resorts

  • Energize your owner community with new choices and flexibility
  • Recapture defaulted members
  • No impact to operations

For Guests

  • Enhance ownership with a new national network
  • No exchange fees
  • Ultimate flexibility – your week your choice – rollover, borrow or rent

Product Flexibility

Easy peasy

Product Flexibility Chart
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