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30 years ago, Liberte broke new grounds in the timeshare industry. Selling to Vacatia means I can pass the torch to the next-generation of innovators. I’m excited to see what’s next for our combined company.

Dennis DiTinno
Liberte Management Group

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5 Reasons To Connect With Vacatia Partner Services

5 Reasons To Connect With Vacatia Partner Services

April 1st, 2021

By Vacatia Partner Services

When Vacatia was founded in 2013, the big news was the unique vision the company’s founders brought to reimagining timeshare resales and rentals. Today, they’re bringing that innovative approach—along with the knowledge they’ve gained—to help legacy resorts cope with the challenges they face today.

Vacatia’s newest venture, Vacatia Partner Services, is dedicated to the success and growth of legacy resorts and their vibrant owner communities. VPS has assembled an all-star team of experienced resort industry executives who understand the past, present and future of the vacation ownership industry and can offer products and services that drive owner engagement, attract new member and even finance needed property renovations.

Their team will take the time to truly understand a resort’s unique challenges and then recommend custom solutions to address them. Solutions are offered on an a la carte basis so resorts can select just the help they need in the way they need it. Even better, because VPS understands just how difficult times have become for many resorts, its services don’t require up-front costs before they create new revenue streams.

Here’s 5 reasons to talk to VPS if you work with a legacy resort:

  • The industry’s most advanced resort rental solution will allow your resort to easily compete with the biggest brands while generating optimized average daily rates and guaranteed results. Vacatia was founded by technology pioneers behind some of the most successful e-commerce sites (think; they have created a user-friendly rental platform that resorts find dwarfs the performance of current strategies. Says one resort manager, “We booked more rental revenue in our first month with VPS than we had in the prior year.”
  • VPS’s partnership with Glacier Creek Capital allows resorts to finance renovations while minimizing special assessments that can drive away existing owners. By using defaulted inventory as collateral, resorts can now offer a high-quality product that drives owner satisfaction while generating increased rental revenue and attracting new owners. Glacier Creek Capital’s experienced team will use a data-driven approach to help your resort determine the renovation’s parameters and generate maximum return on investment. They can even provide a complete project management team to lead the renovation and provide access to discounted purchasing services.
  • Generate incremental income to pay maintenance fees on defaulted property through innovative membership products tailored to the needs of modern travelers. VPS’s flexible, subscription-based model provides access to a wide array of travel products without the angst of a lifetime commitment. With VPS’s online sales platform, resorts are freed from the need to create their own marketing plan or website; the investment can be as simple as putting promotional materials in each unit.
  • Provide a real resale solution for your owners. No matter how great your resort experience is, eventually some owners will want out. By engaging VPS, you can offer them a resale solution without the upfront fees and headaches that generate dissatisfaction with vacation ownership. VPS’s transparent, easy to understand process guides owners through the resale process and answers the questions your owners will have. Vacatia already provides this solution to leading resort developers and is now making it available to legacy resorts that desire to create a safe haven for their owners who need an exit strategy.
  • Deliver excellence in resort operations through VPS’s property management solutions. Today’s labor shortages, complex regulations and operational challenges make managing vacation ownership resorts more difficult than ever before. If your resort needs help, VPS can partner with your homeowner association to ensure long-term vitality and care for the resort and owners, using their technology and experience to enhance the customer experience at every touchpoint. Plus, VPS’s property management solutions include all the products and services mentioned above, reinventing the timeshare experience across discovery, booking, and stay.

Ready to learn more? Connect with Vacatia Partner Services here or call us at (720) 449-6738!

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